arredamento locali
settori merceologici


Sifa creates fittings of great quality, comprehensive of innovative, technological, functional equipment for bars, pastry shops and stores of various types, by always providing the right solution for the needs and expectations of the client and aiming for successful business results.

arredamento locali pub

The pub is a recreational setting which, in order to attract a young clients, known to be very demanding, needs to be particularly charming and marked by a unique style that immediately characterises it. The spaces and the furnishings must also always express an amiable atmosphere designed for having fun. The inspiration and the ideas from the client will surely be fulfilled in the realisation of a traditional furnishing theme, redesigned with great originality or through the creation of an innovative and sensational stylistic solution.
arredamento locali caffetteria

Creating an inviting and intimate atmosphere by choosing either modern inspiration or the classic design of a turn-of-the-century "Café"? What’s important is that the setting be pleasant and right for creating that serene atmosphere anxiously sought after by the client typical of this shop genre, a client wants to create a relaxing moment in a busy day to meet with friends while slowly sipping a good cup of coffee.
arredamento locali pasticceria e gelateria

Creamy, fluffy pastries, frothy, inviting colourful ice creams tempt and gladden the senses on the other side of the elegant glass case of efficient refrigerated counters which conserve, intact, the organoleptic characteristics of the products. We also pay particular attention to the design of the operative department to guarantee maximum hygiene and a convenient work environment.
arredamento locali bar e pasticceria

Eating a rich breakfast of a cappuccino and a pastry is a widespread habit. In choosing a bar, consumers tend to prefer a place which not only offers good service and a wide choice of pastries, but which is also bright and pleasing to the eye. The details make the difference and guarantee client satisfaction in a sector like this, which is highly competitive.
arredamento locali snack-bar

Even when grabbing a quick snack or in taking a quick coffee break, consumers show that they are extremely demanding since they prefer an aesthetically pleasing place where they feel at ease and where they receive quick service. Our fittings meet this just expectations by creating an ideal setting for the client and providing the managers with solid and efficient furniture and equipment that allows them to easily improve the speed and the quality  of the service they offer.
arredamento locali panetteria

The golden fragrances of oven baked goods find the proper enhancement in counters and displays specially studied to exalt visual impact and tempt the senses, but above all guarantee maintenance of hygiene and excellent conservation of the goodness of the product.
arredamento locali alimentari macelleria pescheria

From the organisation of the display and work spaces to the use of the most suitable materials, every choice is carefully calibrated to safeguard the characteristics of reabsorbing freshness and therefore, the proper conservation of the foods without underestimating the importance of a careful and aesthetically pleasing design.

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